The RAT® Program 

RAT® (Reject All Tobacco), is the only tobacco-free campaign in the country created especially for children in grades K-6. At this age, studies showed that kids love to get facts and “teach up” to the adults in their lives.

RAT® is geared toward giving them all the facts about big bad tobacco. RAT® also aims to change children’s attitudes about tobacco before they reach the age of experimenting with cigarettes, chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

What is RAT®?

The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi's K-6th grade tobacco prevention program is RAT® (Reject all Tobacco). This program empowers youth to make healthy lifestyle decisions by educating them on the dangers of tobacco, and alternative tobacco products.


The RAT® Program consists of four components


Rat® Packs

The RAT® Pack is a nine-member team of high school students who are trained to educated on tobacco prevention. RAT® Packs travel and perform RAT® shows and educational presentations at Mississippi Elementary Schools.

RAT® Shows 

The centerpiece of the RAT® program is the RAT® Pack Show, a live troupe of singing and dancing Mississippi high school students led by a computer animated rat named Terrance. K-6th grade audiences get to dance and sing along with Terrance and his crew.

RAT® Educational Presentations 

The RAT® Packs can also come to your K-6 th grade classrooms to present small-group educational sessions on the dangers and harmful effects of all tobacco.

RAT® Teams

RAT® Teams are a group of community and school-based elementary youth that provide tobacco education through a variety of classroom lessons, as well as projects conducted in after-school settings.

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